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Today, when patients can't afford treatment, they are forced to choose between high-interest medical credit cards or installment loans with predatory terms and conditions. Peachy Pay Later is a new solution designed to help, not hurt.

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We're currently building this product with the following principles in mind:

Increased access

Every day, providers miss out on patients who need their services but “can’t afford” them. At Peachy, this is unacceptable. To remedy this, Peachy Pay Later helps patients “afford” health care, by allowing them to spread their payment out over months instead of requiring it in one, lump sum payment.

It also allows providers who historically have higher rates of of out-of-network or HSA reimbursement–like therapists, in-patient facilities, and pathologists–to serve more patients. With Peachy Pay Later, providers can get paid upfront, without patients needing to pay in cash, and allow patients to pay off the bill in a manner tailored to their personal situation.

Progressive underwriting

The modern patient financing solutions claim to provide access, but their antiquated underwriting systems actually exclude those that need financing most. Patient financing isn’t helpful when patients aren’t eligible to use it. Peachy Pay Later underwrites without a credit check, allowing patients with poor credit scores to obtain the healthcare they need.

Honest collection practices

Peachy is built by patients, for patients, so we don’t hide predatory terms in the fine print, like the other financing providers do. When patients use Peachy, they will know exactly what they owe, when it is due, and how to pay it.


Medical debt is treated differently than consumer debt, in most cases. Most financing options transform medical debt into consumer debt, immediately harming the patients’ credit score. Peachy is credit-positive, meaning our products help, not hurt, your credit score.

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