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How It Works

Our Process

Payment collection shouldn't be complicated, and with Peachy, it's not. We follow a simple, 5-step-approach to start collecting the money that you're owed.

Bill Notification

It's difficult for patients to pay bills that they don't know about, so Peachy starts the collection process by reaching out to the patient via SMS or email. No need to pay for stamps and no more relying on the post office! Instead, communicate with your patients through their most visited inboxes.

Payment Options

The treatment you provide each patient is unique and personalized, so why shouldn't each patient have unique and personalized payment options? Peachy enables this within the Peachy Payment Portal by allowing you to offer patients self-serve payment plans.

Payment Collection

Once we've gotten your patient's attention, we capitalize on that moment and make it as easy as possible for them to immediately pay their bill, from the comfort of their phone. They don't have to download an app or seal an envelope. They simply click link in the text or email and input their payment information.

Relationship Maintenance

Whether the patient has either paid the bill in-full, or set up a payment plan, the Provider-Peachy-Patient relationship isn't over. Peachy stores patients' cards on file to make payment easier next time, and also ensures that patients with payment plans pay on-time, by automatically withdrawing the payment from their bank account each month.

Positive Credit Reporting

After your patient has paid their bill in-full, we help them improve their credit score by reporting the paid bill to the major credit bureaus. This allows them to improve their financial health, as they improve their physical health!

Animation of peachy pay notifcations popping up while man looks at phone
Payment options view in the provider onboarding process
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Getting Started

To begin offering your patients a better payment experience while also collecting more of those patients' payments, sign up for Peachy Pay Lite. We'll send you a workspace within 24 hours and you'll be off to the races.

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