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Get Paid In Full. Faster. With Patient Financing.

Finally, a risk-free way to offer your patients extended financing options. Did we mention it’s free to get started?

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Providers Get Paid Upfront

No more hunting down payments. Once a patient makes their first payment, you get paid in full–leaving you with more time to focus on your patients.

Risk-Free For Patients To Apply

Because applying doesn’t affect patients’ credit scores, you can offer more patients flexible payment options.

Seamless, Integrated Application Process

Thanks to instant approvals, you can send your patients a bill through Peachy and they can easily apply for financing to receive a decision on the spot.

Getting started is free and easy!

Sign up for Peachy Pay Lite to start offering Patient Financing ASAP! To learn more about Patient Financing Powered By Walnut check out this blog post or request a demo from our team!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Email support@peachypay.com
Who is Walnut?
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Walnut is a company that Peachy has partnered with to offer patient financing at incredible rates with a unique lending criteria.

When a patient applies for Patient Financing, they create an account with Walnut to access loan information, but both the patient and yourself can accomplish everything from within the Peachy dashboard!

Will this affect my patients’ credit scores?
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Your patients’ credit scores will not be affected when they check their eligibility, even though Walnut does perform a soft credit check. This provides patients with an opportunity to see if financing is an option and then decide which offered terms work best for them! If a patient decides to accept financing through Walnut, their loan and payments may affect their credit score.

How does the interest work?
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If the financing is offered with any interest, it is referred to as “simple interest,” with no hidden or additional fees. The total amount shown on the loan is what the patient will be required to pay and patients will not be charged compound interest. There is full price transparency when the terms are presented to your patients.

When do I get paid?
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When a patient gets approved for financing, they’ll be required to make their first payment to finalize the loan. Once they make that first payment, you will receive payment for the entirety of the bill, minus the applicable financing fee. You should receive the funds within a few business days.