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Greenwercs Coaching, Counseling, Consulting Services PLLC

October 28, 2021

Maggie Green is a woman on a mission. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, the Oklahoma City, OK native, Maggie Green, is the founder of Greenwercs Coaching, Counseling, Consulting Services PLLC and a valued Peachy customer. We sat down with Maggie to learn more about her story and the mission that drives her to wake up every day and serve her community.

A Story of Service

To accurately tell the story of Greenwercs, it makes sense to go back in time a bit, to August 2005, five days before Hurricane Katrina hit the coast of Louisiana. A teenage Maggie Green had just completed the 700-mile journey from her Oklahoma hometown to her college dorm in Thibodaux, LA, where she was to begin her basketball career for the Nicholls State Lady Colonels. 

As a native of tornado country, Maggie received quite the welcome to Louisiana, as what Maggie calls a “water tornado” named Hurricane Katrina tipped her life upside down. It was this experience–dealing with the aftermath of one of the greatest tragedies of the 21st century–that in many ways sparked her journey into the world of social work. Maggie remembers many college students giving away the clothes they'd bought for school because so many community members were left with nothing. The needs were just so obvious that she couldn't sit idly by. She was constantly asking for opportunities to serve and vividly remembers spending hours reading to the children of the community. 

Returning Home to Serve

After her time at Nicholls State came to an end, she headed northwest with her Family & Consumer Sciences degree in hand. Maggie landed in Wichita, KS, where she began a graduate program at Wichita State University, obtaining a Master’s degree in Social Work. At this point, Maggie returned home to Oklahoma City with a single goal in mind: to serve her community.

But when Maggie returned home, starting Greenwercs just wasn’t really on the horizon. At that time, Oklahoma City was so saturated with therapists that it had one of the nation's highest rates of therapists per capita. Realizing she didn't want to be a "mini-fish" in a big pond, Maggie began working diligently in preparation for starting her own venture when the time was right.

Maggie worked hard to complete enough hours to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Earlier this year, Maggie also completed a fellowship through New Leadership Council that she states was “eye-opening.” This fellowship gave Maggie the inspiration and tools necessary to transform Greenwercs from a dream into a reality. She began establishing a business plan for Greenwercs, laying out exactly how she would begin to fulfill the mission that she returned home to Oklahoma City with years ago.

The Greenwercs Business Model

In building her business plan, Maggie laid out three pillars of her business: coaching, counseling, and consulting services. 

Coaching: A Certified Financial Social Worker, Maggie offers financial coaching services to individuals as well as general life coaching.

Counseling: As a licensed mental health clinician, Maggie offers counseling services. She specializes in grief, perinatal mood & anxiety disorders, fetal/infant loss, elder person issues, anxiety, and depression. 

Consulting: Greenwerc's consulting services display Maggie’s wide-ranging skills. While one day might find Maggie providing traditional social work services, such as helping children care for parents or other loved ones, the next day could see her conducting diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings for Fortune 500 companies! And she might spend the next day assisting community entities in their efforts to build out social services programs.

The Realities of Entrepreneurship

As Maggie's built Greenwercs, it hasn't been all rainbows and sunshine. Maggie "didn't get an MSA/MBA.” She’s a social worker, and learning the business side of things has been a new challenge. She's had to learn how to be a business owner and a CEO. But if anyone is up for this challenge, it's Maggie. The daughter of entrepreneurs, Maggie has seen what it takes to get what you want–the early mornings, late nights, and long weekends. And when she doesn’t know something, she’s willing to ask the questions necessary to find the answer.

Maggie credits Peachy with helping her learn as she goes and being available to answer her questions. According to Maggie, Peachy’s helped her understand the financial dynamics of billing individuals for her services and implement a client-friendly payment process.

While Maggie values the help Peachy offers and appreciates our excellent customer service, when it comes to working with Peachy she is ultimately looking for one thing: 

“Smarter, not harder.

As a solopreneur, Maggie doesn't have time to deal with billing. She needs to spend as little time on billing as possible, and that's what Peachy gives her. Maggie issued her first bill through Peachy the same day as the appointment and her patient paid within 90 minutes. So instead of spending time worrying about billing, she's spending time with her clients. And building Greenwercs into what she's always dreamed it would be: a force for good in Oklahoma City.

Looking Toward the Future

For the long term, Greenwercs is adopting a mindset of fluidity. Maggie founded Greenwercs as a means to serve her community, and as a former student-athlete, she's comfortable receiving feedback and even offering it to herself. She learned the importance of self-reflection while playing basketball and is willing to make the changes necessary to ensure Greenwercs becomes the entity capable of truly serving her community. 

And at Peachy, we’re just excited to be along for the ride.

If you’re interested in working with Maggie, visit her website to reach out and schedule an appointment!

Published on: 
October 28, 2021

Note: This is not to be taken as tax, legal, benefits, health or financial advice. Since rules and regulations change over time and can vary by location, consult a lawyer or financial expert for specific guidance.

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