Don’t let billing destroy patient relationships.

Maintain strong patient-provider relationships by offering a world-class payment experience.

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Billing built to last.

Primary care physicians are in the business of long-term relationships. When bills go unpaid, it hurts the patient-provider relationship. Thus, a key to maintaining long-term patient relationships, is avoiding billing issues. Peachy eliminates opportunities for stress, error, and frustration in the payment process. Send bills via SMS and email–the way patients want to receive bills.

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Frictionless Digital Payments

Nobody likes paying medical bills, so making that process painfully challenging is a surefire way to upset patients. Peachy makes the payment process simple. Patients receive bills via SMS texts and emails, then click the link and pay their bills in seconds.

Automated Payment Plans

Offering easy, automated payment plans can help patients afford healthcare even when money is tight. By spreading payment out over 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, struggling patients can pay their bill and make rent. The best part is, Peachy stores patients' cards on file, so you never have to manage a payment plan ever again.

Simplified Collection Efforts

Collecting payments from patients should be easy. It shouldn’t require third-party billing companies, paper bills, or trips to the bank. You deserve easier. Send a digital bill, patients pay with electronically, and the money is then deposited directly into your Stripe account. And if a patient ever forgets to pay, we'll remind them–so you don't have to.

Seamless Integrations

We’ve partnered with athenahealth to seamlessly integrate into your patient billing workflow. We also have the ability to integrate with 100s of other electronic health record and practice management systems using our platform APIs. We’re also actively building new integrations based on our customers, so if you want to integrate your existing systems with Peachy, just let us know!

A set of features designed for you and your patiaents

SMS & email-driven billing
Pay bills in just 3 clicks
HIPAA compliant
Store card info for auto-pay
Custom payment plans
100% paper free process

What Physicians are saying

“Using Peachy has made billing so much easier. My staff isn't stuck mailing bills and calling patients about past-due payments. Instead, we can focus on providing our patients the top-notch care they deserve.”
“I was so tired of writing my doctor checks or calling them to give them my card info. When they switched to Peachy, I was ecstatic. It’s so much easier now.”

What patients are saying

The future of healthcare payments.

Fast. Easy. Flexible.

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Are you a collection agency?
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We are not a collection agency. Our goal is to help providers completely eliminate the need for collection agencies and help patients pay their bills easier while improving credit.

Is Peachy secure?
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Yes. Peachy is HIPAA Compliant and maintains the highest security standards.

How long does it take to get set-up? What information do I need?
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Once you receive your workspace invitation, it only takes 5 minutes to get your organization onboarded and ready to start sending bills.