Billing that works for physical therapy.

Peachy makes it easy for physical therapists to offer patients flexible payment options, so patient care can be dictated by what's best for the patient.

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A patient-centric approach to billing.

The limits insurance plans place on physical therapy visits can put physical therapists in an uncomfortable position. They often must choose whether to cater their treatment around the insurance limits, or proceed with their recommended treatment knowing that patients may not have the means to complete their treatment. Peachy steps in to help providers take back the power in treatment planning. With Peachy, you can offer patients the flexible payment solutions they need to continue their treatment for as long as necessary.

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Flexible Payment Plans

When a patient hits their insurance plan’s limit on physical therapy spend, they have two options basic options: (1) stop treatment, or (2) pay out of pocket. Peachy helps providers easily offer interest-free payment plans so patients can spread their payments out over 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.

Integrated Lending Options

Sometimes, providers aren’t comfortable with offering in-house payment plans, or patients prefer longer-payment lengths. With Peachy’s integrated patient financing feature (powered by Walnut), patients can elect to pay for your services via ethical lending solutions–so you can get paid upfront, and they can pay over 24-36 months. This feature is especially great for cash-pay patients who want to pay for a package of services up front.

Simplified Collection Efforts

Collecting patient responsibility payment should be easy. And with Peachy it is. Send a digital bill, patients pay electronically, and the money is then deposited directly into your Stripe account. This is especially useful for cash-only offices who want to avoid the paper collection process, or the burden of dealing with physical currency.

Monthly Subscription Support

With monthly subscriptions, you can set your clients’ billing on auto-pilot. You know that some clients will be meeting with you on a regular basis, so it may make more sense to bill them once a month than to charge their card individually for each session. Peachy will store their card on file and then charge them automatically, so you never have to worry about sending bills for each individual session.

A process designed for patients and physical therapists.

SMS & email-driven billing
Pay bills in just 3 clicks
HIPAA compliant
Store card info for auto-pay
Custom payment plans
100% paper-free process

What physical therapists are saying

“I got so tired of trying to work around insurance plans’ limits on physical therapy. Peachy helps me offer my patients treatment that is catered to what they actually need.
“When my insurance stopped paying for my physical therapy, I couldn’t afford to keep going. Peachy’s payment plans helped me finish my treatment and get back to work.”

What patients are saying

The future of healthcare payments.

Fast. Easy. Flexible.

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Are you a collection agency?
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We are not a collection agency. Our goal is to help providers completely eliminate the need for collection agencies and help patients pay their bills easier while improving credit.

Is Peachy secure?
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Yes. Peachy is HIPAA Compliant and maintains the highest security standards.

How long does it take to get set-up? What information do I need?
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Once you receive your workspace invitation, it only takes 5 minutes to get your organization onboarded and ready to start sending bills.