Paying for therapy shouldn’t be painful.

We help mental health professionals create a healing environment by implementing a stress-free, client-centric payment experience.

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Billing that hurts your clients’ financial health, hurts their mental health.

With many mental health providers electing for a cash-pay business model, or only being in-network with a handful of providers, many clients are left on the hook for hundreds of dollars of therapy fees each month. Research has consistently shown that financial struggles negatively impact mental health, and the last thing you want is a client spiraling over a billing complication. Peachy helps therapists easily offer clients flexible payment options to continue collecting their fees without adding stress to their clients' lives.

Flexible Payment Options

Peachy allows mental health practitioners to offer payment plans and financing options to ease the burden on cash pay clients. These flexible payment options help more clients afford the therapy they need, while also bridging the gap for clients waiting on insurance reimbursements.

Healthier Relationships

Asking therapists to play the role of counselor and bill collector isn’t fair, or great for the client-therapist relationship. Peachy steps in to provide a layer of separation between a practice’s billing functionality and its therapists. Instead of Dr. Jones asking for payment, it’s Peachy–helping clients feel better about requests for payment.

Easy to Use for Clients and Therapists

Sending bills and paying bills should be easy. For practitioners, staying on top of billing can be difficult and complicated. For clients, gathering the stamp and check necessary to pay a bill can delay payment. With Peachy, paying and sending bills is simple and easy. Practitioners can manage all of their bills in a simple and friendly interface, while clients can pay the bills they receive frictionlessly, in just a few seconds.

Monthly Subscription Support

With monthly subscriptions, you can set your clients’ billing on auto-pilot. You know that some clients will be meeting with you on a regular basis, so it may make more sense to bill them once a month than to charge their card individually for each session. Peachy will store their card on file and then charge them automatically, so you never have to worry about sending bills for each individual session.

A modern solution to mental health billing.

What therapists are saying

“Asking a client to pay a $50 cancellation fee sucks. But when that bill is coming from Peachy, I can stay focused on client care.”
“My insurance is really good about reimbursing my therapy bills, but it takes a few months. Peachy's payment plans help lighten the burden of paying out of pocket.”

What clients are saying

The future of therapy payments.

Flexible. Friendly. Simple.

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Are you a collection agency?
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We are not a collection agency. Our goal is to help providers completely eliminate the need for collection agencies and help patients pay their bills easier while improving credit.

Is Peachy secure?
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Yes. Peachy is HIPAA Compliant and maintains the highest security standards.

How long does it take to get set-up? What information do I need?
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Once you receive your workspace invitation, it only takes 5 minutes to get your organization onboarded and ready to start sending bills.