Boost collections by improving patients' payment experience

Peachy's holistic approach to bill payment improves the physical, mental, and financial health of patients and doctors with frictionless billing, automated payment plans, and positive credit reporting.

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Our Features

Simultaneously improving the health of patients and providers with easy mobile bill payment.

Everyone knows the current system for paying medical bills isn't working. Peachy is a frictionless payment experience, optimized for patients, helping providers get paid in-full and on-time. No more bills lost in the mail, hard-to-access payment portals, or negotiating payment plans over the phone.

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Frictionless Digital Payments

Your patients get their bills via SMS and email, and in just a few clicks, can pay straight from their phone or computer. Providers receive payments directly and can manage payment terms and plans in a simple admin interface.

Flexible Payment Plans

Provide a better experience for your patients by enabling affordable and convenient monthly payments, while simultaneously increasing your community's access to healthcare.

Positive Credit Reporting

Peachy incentivizes on-time and in-full payments by reporting positive payments to major credit bureaus.

The easiest way to send and pay bills

Peachy integrates with your current workflows and EHR/PM systems to add easy payment plan set-up.

No more waiting for paper bills! Patients can pay in just a few clicks from text or e-mail notifications. Returning users can use Peachy to manage bills and receipts from multiple providers from a single simplified view.

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Our Resources

The Peachy Library

Achieving our mission-driven goal of simultaneously improving the health of patients and providers doesn't end with easy mobile bill payment–in fact, it's only just the beginning. The Peachy Library advances us toward this goal by helping providers and patients obtain the knowledge necessary to continuously improve their financial health.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you a collection agency?
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We are not a collection agency. Our goal is to help providers completely eliminate the need for collection agencies and help patients pay their bills easier while improving credit.

Is Peachy secure?
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Yes. Peachy is HIPAA Compliant and maintains the highest security standards.

How long does it take to get set-up? What information do I need?
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Once you receive your workspace invitation, it only takes 5 minutes to get your organization onboarded and ready to start sending bills.

How much does it cost?
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There is no upfront cost to providers. The cost is a small percentage of all collections based on volume. We never charge any fees to patients.

Do my patients need to download an app?
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No! Peachy is a web-based application, easily accessible from all modern browsers. There is a no need to download an app or register to pay a bill, patients just click the link from the text message or e-mail and pay instantly.

I'm a patient. How do I use Peachy to pay my bills?
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If your provider supports Peachy, make sure that they have your cell phone number on file, then sit back and wait to get your next bill via text! If not, you can let your provider know about Peachy Pay using this link.

Will setting up a payment plan, or checking my eligibility for a payment plan, affect my credit score?
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No. Peachy does not perform a credit check for payment plans.

Collection agencies' 22% collection rates not cutting it for you?

Peachy is ready to help you collect outstanding patient balances at no upfront cost to you–we only get paid if you do. Get your organization onboarded to Peachy Pay Lite today and start sending bills that will actually get paid–and fast!

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